This year I’ve been playing with the micro-mobility newsletter On The Move. The reason for that was simple. As I’ve been writing about trends in transport and mobility for the transport news portal, I had lots of materials that I wanted to use, and the newsletter was the way to go.

Currently, the On The Move is on hold as I’ve stopped being a contributor. It is time for me to focus entirely on my fare-free public transport research. I still cannot believe I’m halfway through my PhD. However, writing a newsletter is something that not only makes sense for me in terms of my professional development (e.g. following the news, improving in writing) but is also fun to do. Shortly, it would be a pity to resign from it totally.

Thus, the overlap between my ongoing activities due to prioritising my daily agenda, which shifted more towards my research-related task, is to start with the Fare-free public transport newsletter.

What to expect?

Besides news from the FFPT field, both in practice and research, I will cover various elements and layers of the policy itself. Although the fare-free public transport policy seems like a straightforward tool, it is not only about the (public) transport as such.

Join the list of subscribers. The first issue – Fare-free public transport 101: the essentials – is going to be published soon!

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