When it clicks! From personal page to project blog editor. That is the cause why I’ve been “silent” for a while

You might have noticed that this blog is not really a place with rush traffic this year. Have I lost my motivation? Is blogging no longer a priority for me?

Not really!

The idea to create this page with a blog was to have a hub to promote all my activities. It should also be a space to randomly reflect on what I’m doing. It is easier to send a link or a QR code than redirect people to LinkedIn, Twitter, ResearchGate or any other profile that is just trending.

So what has happened?

Shortly, the long-term plan with this page just clicked. This means that it has opened me to the possibility of being responsible for scientific communication in one of our university projects, the HES-GEO.

Sure, in the beginning, I was not aiming for some very project. The general goal was to be seen while developing other academic-related skills that might be useful at the department I’m studying.

The HES-GEO project is not only focusing on the research as such but also on establishing a unit supporting research capacity. The project blog should thus cover not only the project logs but a whole array of other topics linked to academia.

Visits, Milestones, Writing

Outlining the content strategy for the project blog is a challenge and a valuable lesson. A different issue is preparing guidelines for other contributors to keep consistency and designing the content to avoid heavy blocks of texts. Quite a lot for one, but I’m working my way to deliver good content. Hopefully, this blog will benefit from the lesson learned too.

Since I jumped into the project, we have managed to report not only about the project log like various visits and trainings but also touched on critical academic topics.

See yourself!

I recommend you check out the posts focusing on academic popularization. Namely, the interview with Agnieszka Defus or the scicom experiences of our project partners.

Besides, you shouldn’t miss the entries covering academic writing or the challenges of grant proposals. Possibly the most complicated tasks on the researcher’s agenda.

Never miss a post…

And add the hesgeo.blog on your watch list. There is gonna be a lot more!

ph credit: Hannah Wei, unsplash.com
ph credit: Hannah Wei, unsplash.com